Transportation For International Trade


Nowadays, transportation for the international trade is one of important logistic processes with the government to support logistic businesses in the country so that private companies can handle merchandise management including effective and successful import and export and can promote the competition of the international trade.

Transportation for the international trade is a kind of service that a freight forwarder offers services to consignees, such as the process of transportation management, booking a transport vessel, handling customs clearance, and packaging service.


What is good transportation?

Transportation is necessary to operate businesses so that what mentioned below is the effective transportation.

  1. Safety – Merchandise must be safely packed to prevent any risk while transporting.
  2. Be on time – Respond to the needs of the customers. Some merchandise, such as fruits, flowers, and animals must be transported in short time to prevent any damage(rot) to the merchandise.
  3. Save the cost – Transportation is one of the expenses in the business so that the owner should choose the transportation that is offered a reasonable cost.
  4. Convenience – Choosing proper transportation make your business operates more easily.


What elements that a business owner should consider for transportation

  • Kinds of product (solid, fluid or gas)
  • Transportation routes
  • Freight cost
  • Freight rate
  • Reliability


Types of Transportation for International Trade

  1. Sea Transportation
    - Recommend to a lot of merchandise and long-distance transportation.
    - Low cost
    - Take several days
    - Need good management for transportation.
    - Transport parts of machines and machines
    - Now usually transports via container system.
  1. Air Transportation
    - Fast transportation
    - Able to transport less merchandise than sea freight
    - High cost
    - Fast respond to the needs of customers.
    - Transport parts of machines, fashionable goods, vegetable, fruits, and accessories.
  1. Land Transportation (Truck)
    - Recommend to transport to neighbor countries.
    - Short-distance transportation
    - Convenient process
    - Fast transportation
    - Transport consumer products.
    - Transportation route: Myanmar, Laos PDR, Malaysia
  1. Land Transportation (Train)
    - Recommend to transport to neighbor countries.
    - Short-distance transportation
    - Transport fuel and gas.
    - Low cost
    - Transport route: Bangkok – Hat Yai – Padang Besar – Malaysia
  1. Pipeline Transportation
    - Recommend to transport to neighbor countries.
    - Transport fuel and gas.
  1. EMS Transportation by Thailand Post
    - Convenient and low cost
    - Recommend for transporting samples of merchandise.