Transportation services


Types of transportation

  1. Sea Transportation – Usually used for international transportation, and transport huge-size and non-fragile merchandise such as sand, ore, paddy, machine, and rubber.

     3 types of sea transportation

      - Domestic sea transportation
      - Coastal transportation
      - International sea transportation

       1. Freight rate is low comparing to other transportation 

       2. Able to transport huge amount of merchandise
       3. Safe
       4. Able to take long-distance transportation

      1. Delayed arrival at the destination port probably happens.

      2. Transport vessels might be halted due to low of sea level in summer.
      3. Arrival time could not be precisely scheduled due to the weather and the landscape.


  1. Land Transportation (Train) – the important merchandise transportation in Thailand. Usually used for transporting heavy and huge amount of merchandise

      Types of transport train

       2.1 Closed Train – Trains that all windows are closed all along the way of  transportation. Recommend to transport fragile merchandise.  
       2.2 Open Train – Trains that is no roof. It is proper to transport non-fragile  merchandise.
       2.3 Special Train – Trains used for specific purposes, such as transporting fuel and cement.

      1. Huge amount of merchandise transportation
      2. Fast – deliver the merchandise on time as the needs of customers.
      3. Convenient to choose various types of containers for the proper use of merchandise transportation
      4. Safer than other transportation
      5. Able to transport in all weather conditions

      1. Not able to transport to specific destination
      2. Not flexible due to the one-way route of transportation
      3. A lot of rules to transport
      4. Low amount of merchandise is not recommended.

  1. Land transportation (Motor/Truck) – The center is in Bangkok. Motor/Truck transportation is a basic way to help the merchants deliver the customers’ goods due to the fact that it is convenient, fast, and direct as the needs of the customers.


     1. Directly transport to the destination.
     2. Able to transport the merchandise any time
     3. Convenient and fast
     4. Recommend to mid-distance and long-distance transportation.
     5. Connect to other transportation that could not deliver the merchandise at  the destination.

     1. High cost comparing to train transportation

     2. Low safety and occasional car accident
     3. An amount of merchandise is very limited.
     4. Exact arrival time could not be scheduled due to weather and traffic  conditions.


  2. Air Transportation – Very necessary nowadays, especially, international transportation due to its fast, safe, and convenient transportation. This type of transportation makes domestic and international businesses grow up rapidly.


     1. Fast and Convenient
     2. Able to take domestic and international transportation
     3. Able to deliver to the area that other transportation could not reach
     4. Very recommend to long-distance transportation.
     5. Recommend to fragile and short-time merchandise transportation.
     6. Able to transport more than one round per day

     1. More cost than other transportation

     2. Could not transport very huge and heavy merchandise.
     3. Able to transport to the destination that has an airport
     4. Transportation time depends on weather conditions.
     5. High maintenance fee
     6. High risk while transporting